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09-08-2015 11:00 pm
112Green Bay Packers
128Seattle Seahawks
114Indianapolis Colts
119New England Patriots
109Dallas Cowboys
110Denver Broncos
124Philadelphia Eagles
125Pittsburgh Steelers
101Arizona Cardinals
103Baltimore Ravens
121New York Giants
104Buffalo Bills
107Cincinnati Bengals
116Kansas City Chiefs
117Miami Dolphins
118Minnesota Vikings
127San Francisco 49ers
102Atlanta Falcons
105Carolina Panthers
111Detroit Lions
120New Orleans Saints
106Chicago Bears
113Houston Texans
122New York Jets
126San Diego Chargers
129St. Louis Rams
123Oakland Raiders
108Cleveland Browns
130Tampa Bay Buccaneers
132Washington Redskins
115Jacksonville Jaguars
131Tennessee Titans
177Green Bay Packers
183Seattle Seahawks
175Dallas Cowboys
181Philadelphia Eagles
171Arizona Cardinals
180New York Giants
178Minnesota Vikings
182San Francisco 49ers
172Atlanta Falcons
173Carolina Panthers
176Detroit Lions
179New Orleans Saints
184St. Louis Rams
174Chicago Bears
185Tampa Bay Buccaneers
186Washington Redskins
157Indianapolis Colts
161New England Patriots
155Denver Broncos
151Baltimore Ravens
164Pittsburgh Steelers
152Buffalo Bills
153Cincinnati Bengals
159Kansas City Chiefs
160Miami Dolphins
156Houston Texans
162New York Jets
165San Diego Chargers
163Oakland Raiders
154Cleveland Browns
166Tennessee Titans
158Jacksonville Jaguars
-1New England Patriots
-1Miami Dolphins
-1Buffalo Bills
-1New York Jets
-1Baltimore Ravens
-1Cincinnati Bengals
-1Pittsburgh Steelers
-1Cleveland Browns
-1Indianapolis Colts
-1Houston Texans
-1Tennessee Titans
-1Jacksonville Jaguars
-1Denver Broncos
-1Kansas City Chiefs
-1San Diego Chargers
-1Oakland Raiders
-1Dallas Cowboys
-1Philadelphia Eagles
-1New York Giants
-1Washington Redskins
-1Green Bay Packers
-1Detroit Lions
-1Minnesota Vikings
-1Chicago Bears
-1Atlanta Falcons
-1Carolina Panthers
-1New Orleans Saints
-1Tampa Bay Buccaneers
-1Seattle Seahawks
-1Arizona Cardinals
-1St. Louis Rams
-1San Francisco 49ers

09-09-2015 11:00 pm
New England Patriots
Pittsburgh Steelers

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