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09-21-2014 12:00 pm
467Indianapolis Colts-7 (-115)
468Jacksonville Jaguars+7 (-105)
451San Diego Chargers+1 (EVEN)
452Buffalo Bills-1 (-120)
455Washington Redskins+6½
456Philadelphia Eagles-6½
457Houston Texans-1
458New York Giants+1
453Dallas Cowboys-2
454St. Louis Rams+2
459Minnesota Vikings+10½
460New Orleans Saints-10½
477Pittsburgh Steelers+3 (+110)
478Carolina Panthers-3 (-130)
465Green Bay Packers+1 (EVEN)
466Detroit Lions-1 (-120)
473Denver Broncos+5½
474Seattle Seahawks-5½
469Oakland Raiders+14½ (-115)
470New England Patriots-14½ (-105)
471San Francisco 49ers-3 (-125)
472Arizona Cardinals+3 (+105)
461Tennessee Titans+7
462Cincinnati Bengals-7
463Baltimore Ravens-2
464Cleveland Browns+2

09-22-2014 07:35 pm
479Chicago Bears+3 (-120)
480New York Jets-3 (EVEN)

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