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March Madness Betting Picks for 2014

March Madness Betting Picks for 2014

Who is the most well respected and best sports bettor in all of Las Vegas, Nevada? Well watch the video above and see why people are crazy over Johnny C's picks. He has the inside advantage that is needed to pick winners. This year Johnny is pulling out all the stops after making nearly 6 figures wagering it all down on the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl and parlaying those winnings into one of the best College Basketball seasons of all time. This years ncaa tournament is going to be no different with the best advice given out from top handicappers right here at Johnny C. Sports. You can get the latest 2014 March Madness Picks against the spread from a lot of handicappers but only 1 and thats 1 Johnny C. can win big for his clients.

Johnny says that there is a system when you gamble on NFL Lines and College Football Picks. The system is the exact same system for both. Johnny teaches his client to bet on one game a day whether it's on NFL Lines or predicting College Football Picks. People get in trouble when they get desperate when it comes to gambling. Johnny never gives out any parlay picks, those are sucker bets and that's how Vegas makes more of their money when gambling on College Football Picks or NFL Lines. Johnny C. preaches that a gambler must stay the course even if they have a 5 game losing streak.

Johnny C. Breaksdown Future College Football Picks and NFL Lines

One of the NFL Teams that will have an impact on NFL Lines will be the New Orleans Saints. Since Bounty gate, the Saints have a team that is up in the air right now. They have a disgruntled Drew Brees because he wants to get paid. A coach that is suspended and can't have any communication with the team. And the NFL slapped them and took away some of the college football picks for the NFL Draft. This will keep odds makers in Vegas confused in coming up with NFL Lines because they don't know how good the Saints can be especially with NFL suspensions on their team's players.

In College football, University of Miami will be starting over it seems because of having many players convert to future college football picks in the NFL Draft. Look for some of those Canes to make an impact on NFL Lines this year. Alabama is also not going to be the powerhouse that they usually are. They have lost 2 stud running backs the last 2 years. Look for former top College Football Picks Trent Richardson to make an impact to the NFL Lines as well.

Explaining College Football Picks and NFL Lines

With most NFL Picks, a rookie gambler should always start with the basics in terms of sports gambling. When Johnny C. and his staff gets hired by a rookie gambler. The first thing Johnny's representative finds out is how much experience does the sports bettor have. This is important to his system because there is where we find out how discipline is the sports gambler. Johnny's team explains to the gambler that the NFL Lines is the handicap given to one of the teams. Whether it's College Football Picks or NFL Picks, this is another name for The Point Spread.

For example a +4 on the Dolphins signifies that the Fins must lose no more that 4 points for the Bettor to be a winner on those NFL Lines. Another Example when picking College Football Picks, the money line is 48. That means that both college football teams must have a point total of over 48 points in order for the bet to win.

Johnny C. And His Team Are Experts in Predicting College Football Picks and NFL Lines

Johnny C. has been in the game predicting on NFL Lines for over half his life. He is one of the best in predicting College Football Picks as well. Give Johnny and his team of over 20 insiders and analyst around the country an try. He has made gamblers hundreds of thousands of dollars in predicting winning NFL Lines and College Football Picks. He also gathers March Madness Betting data from other top cappers around the country just in case they have different information. This helps Johnny in determining the right pick toward his NFL Lines.

Johnny is also featured as a top Vegas Sports Cappers for his NFL Expert Picks as well as the Blog Call Johnny's Office today to start winning on the best College Football Picks and NFL Lines around today.