MLB Picks for the Upcoming 2011 MLB Season

MLB Picks MLB Picks for the Upcoming 2011 MLB SeasonMLB Picks for the American League East

The American League Eastern division may be the toughest of all the divisions for MLB Picks to call. The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees always make it hard to be sure on who will come away with the division title. One thing is clear though, it usually is either Boston or New York.

2011 may be the Red Sox’s year though with all the moves they made this off-season. General Manager Theo Epstein has re-tooled the bullpen by adding a slew of relievers that includes Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler bolstering an already strong bullpen that has closer Jonathan Papelbon, young gun Daniel Bard and Hideki Okajima.

Oh and did we mention they added one of the best slugging first baseman in the game, Adrian Gonzalez along with the speedy Carl Crawford. The two newcomers join Kevin Youkilis, David Ortiz, Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia to form one of the most dangerous line ups in the majors.

And if that wasn’t enough, the starting rotation is very impressive. Josh Beckett, John Lackey, Jon Lester, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Clay Buchholz comprise a very good staff if they pitch to their potential and stay healthy. And that’s why MLB Picks has the Boston Red Sox as the team to beat in the AL East. Don’t be mad Yankee fans, there’s always the Wild Card.

MLB Picks for the National League East

The Philadelphia Phillies were one of the favorites to compete for the NL title and get to the world series before the off-season even started. Then they added Cliff Lee to a rotation that already included Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels. Now most, if not all, baseball followers understand that the Phillies have the best shot at winning the National League crown in 2011.

Lee gives the Phillies four legitimate aces, something that unprecedented in recent memory. They also have the offensive production to pair with the pitching. The line up includes Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Raul Ibanez, Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino, it will be hard to make MLB Picks against them.  From top to bottom, they have one of the most complete teams in recent years, and as long as those four Aces are healthy there isn’t much this team won’t be able to accomplish.

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Spring training is here to mark that we are just one month away from the MLB season. Exciting division races are set to begin April 1st. Many division races and wild card races are decided by just a few games so these starting games are just as vital to reaching the playoffs as the last few. The MLB marathon to the playoffs is on the horizon and we have your MLB Picks here at so don’t wait and subscribe. Check back periodically for more MLB Picks.

Fins should learn from Jets and Pats when it comes to NFL Picks

NFL Picks Fins should learn from Jets and Pats when it comes to NFL Picks

Fins should take classes in determining how to get NFL Picks from their current rivals

When it comes to NFL Picks, the Miami Dolphins have not had any luck in making quality selections.  Whether if it’s Bill Parcells, Rick Speilman, Nick Saban or Jeff Ireland who is their current general manager only Jake Long has been a stamp on the roster.  And that’s because he was the first NFL Pick of the 2008 Draft.

For example take the Dolphins First Round NFL Picks last year.  They drafted Jared Odrick who broke his leg the first game of the season.  Instead of trading up they traded down.  Passing on people like Maurkice Pouncey, CJ Spiller, Dez Bryant, and Earl Thomas.  Heck they even passed out on some excellent tight ends in the later rounds.  The Pats got 2 excellent tight ends and the Saints got another tight-end from UM who is a pro-bowler in the making.

Their Rivals NFL Picks

I repeated the Patriots got rich in Tight-ends and also drafted a young secondary last year with Patrick Chung leading the way.  Miami also picked some young talent in the secondary, but out of 4 or 5 NFL Picks only one (Vontae Davis) has great promising.  Sean Smith will also be promising only if he can catch the ball for interceptions.  I counted in one game last year that he dropped 5 interceptions in one game.  So the Pats also have 9 NFL Picks in the first 3 Rounds in 2011.  Meanwhile the Dolphins, only 2.  They traded away 2 second round picks for Brandon Marshall which was a great trade for the Fins, the only problem is that they don’t have a QB to throw the ball, so he is relevant.

The last 3 years the Dolphins picked 3 QBs in the second round and none of them have seem to pan out.  John Beck and Pat white both never saw the field and were released.  And Chad Henne I think is valuable but not in the Dolphin’s current offensive system.  The coach for the Fins (Sparano) I think is solid, but their front office is a fiasco starting with new owner Ross.  He should have classes from Heat Owner Mickey Arison to show him how to run a sport’s franchise.  One thing I can say is the Dolphins lead the league in celebrity owners with 5 or 6.

April’s NFL Picks Have to Be Sure things

This Year Drafts has to be 2 solid picks at least.  They have many holes, QB, Safety, Linebacker, Running Back, Tight End, Guard.  They need to trade as many current late picks to move up to get at least 2 solid NFL Picks this year.  CJ Matthews will be nice at outside linebacker, he is the brother of Clay Matthews from Green Bay.

One thing that the Dolphins do good is find talent in other areas beside the draft.  Take Devon Bess and Cameron Wake from Canada, both solid players respectively.  Maybe they should hire whoever found them as General Manager.

Plan for the Fins, just get 2 can’t miss NFL Picks for next year.  And build around that.

NFL Picks are very valuable.

College Football Picks LSU and Arkansa

college football picks College Football Picks LSU and Arkansa

Overview of College Football Picks for Tigers and Razorbacks

This Saturday, the LSU Tigers will be heading on the road to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks, and this game is shaping up to be one of the best games of the weekend.

College football picks can be tricky.  LSU has found a way to win their close games, scoring a touchdown against Mississippi late in the game, resulting in a 43-36 win. Arkansas displayed some endurance as they went into double overtime against Mississippi State last week. Between these two teams, LSU is in the lead overall, although Arkansas has won two out of their last three meetings. It would’ve been three out of three, but they barely lost last year 33-30.

The odds for this game place the Arkansas Razorbacks as the favorite by 3.5-points.

College Football Picks Overview for LSU Tigers

LSU is currently sitting on a season record of 10-1, succeeding in finding ways to win their games. In last week’s game, quarterback Jordan Jefferson completed 13 out of 17 attempts for 254 yards with one touchdown and one interception. In this game, the Tigers will need to keep their offensive momentum in order to overpower a strong Arkansas offensive line-up.
Keep an eye on LSU who should be focused on running the ball, considering the fact that Arkansas just allowed Mississippi State to run 262 yards.

College Football Picks Overview for Arkansas Razorbacks

Last week, Arkansas trailed against Mississippi State by 21-17, but near the end, they took a lead with a score of 31-21. Unfortunately, Mississippi State managed to rebound and tie it up, driving them into overtime. Neither team scored in overtime, leading to a second overtime where quarterback Ryan Mallett ended the game with a successful pass.
Mallett and the Razorbacks will face their toughest challenge yet. The LSU Tigers are currently ranked in fourth for their pass defense, allowing only 152 yards per game, and ranked fifth for total offense.
What’s the choice? The Arkansas Razorbacks will be able to cover the spread even though LSU’s defense has been great this season. It will be a close game, but the Razorbacks will manage to pull ahead late in the game just like last week.
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NBA Picks for Hawks at New Jersey Nets

nba picks 300x200 NBA Picks for Hawks at New Jersey Nets

NBA PICKS: Hawks at Nets

One of your NBA PICKS ANALYSIS FOR THE WEEK is:  The Atlanta Hawks and the New Jersey Nets are both coming into this game cold. The Hawks have lost their past two games, and the Nets have lost their past three. However, things look a bit bright for Atlanta because they are currently 5-1 on the road and New Jersey isn’t exactly spectacular on home court with a record of 2-4.
This is an important game for Atlanta because they are just two games out of first place in the East.

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Atlanta is 1-5 against the spread in its last 6 games against the Nets on the road. Their last matchup was on March 16, 2010 in New Jersey and Atlanta won by 24 points.
Look out for Brook Lopez and Al Horford to butt heads. Lopez has a bit more talent than Horford when it comes to offensive mindset, but Horford is continuing to show progress with every season. Lopez averages more than Horford in points, but he’s been struggling with his rebounds this year. He’s going to need to play more aggressively if he wants to maintain pace with the Hawks.


Look out for Josh Smith against Troy Murphy and Derrick Favors. Smith is an excellent rebounder and shot blocker, and Murph and Favors will have some trouble dealing with him. Smith is currently blocking 2.8 shots per game and stealing 1.4 balls per game, and this will spell trouble for the Nets. In addition, Murphy is currently experiencing the worst season of his NBA career.
In the end, this game will come down to the talent and execution of the interior players. Both teams have great front courts. The rebound differential is likely to play an important role in the results of this game, as well. In the recent past, Atlanta showed some success over New Jersey, but the Nets are now desperately hungry for a win. Pick the Atlanta Hawks, who are the 3.5-point favorites.
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NFL Lines for the Top 3 Games of Thanskgiving Week

nfl lines 300x225 NFL Lines for the Top 3 Games of Thanskgiving Week

NFL Lines for the Cincinnati Bengals vs. New York Jets (-8)

The Cincinnati Bengals embarrassingly lost a game last weekend to the Buffalo Bills, and they have just about given up hope on reaching the playoffs this season. The New York Jets, on the other hand, have been winning a healthy number of games this season, and this game will give them plenty of opportunities to show everyone what kind of potential they have.

New York’s quarterback Mark Sanchez will likely improve on his numbers a good deal in this game, considering Cincinnati’s tendency to give up some pretty big plays.

Final choice? Pick the New York Jets, the 8-point favorite.

NFL Lines for the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Giants (-8.5)

Even though the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Giants have similar records, both sitting at 6-4, analysis will reveal that Jacksonville’s 6-4 is quite ugly. They have some hefty wins over big opponents, like their divisional rivals Indianapolis and Houston. With David Garrard at the forefront, Jacksonville’s offense has been good occasionally, but there are times when it does melt down in the heat against a good defense.

As for New York, their number one receiver, Hakeem Nicks, will not be playing in this game and Mario Manningham will need to step up in his place. New York’s defensive line-up will be working to prove their worth, especially with their recent loss against Michael Vick’s offense. The Jaguars better watch out.

Final choice? Pick the New York Giants, the 8.5-point favorite.

NFL Lines for the Carolina Panthers vs. Cleveland Browns (-7)

The Carolina Panthers offensive line-up is barely surviving while the Cleveland Browns offense is getting started, rolling ahead behind their main man, Peyton Hillis. His running game and the unpredictability of Carolina’s Joshua Cribbs will result in a game that won’t be that competitive.

Final choice? Pick the Cleveland Browns, the 7-point favorite.

NFL lines are important to analyze. To find out more about NFL lines, make sure to visit and subscribe. Johnny C. has had an 88% winning average for over 3 decades. Check back periodically for more NFL lines.

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Johnny C. Sports Johnny C. Back On Track after a 15 12 NFL Picks and College Football Picks

Started Strong Thursday Night NFL Picks

I am back on track starting last night going 3-0 with my NFL Picks. I chose the Bears to kill the Fins in a Thursday Night Football Showdown, even though it was a pretty simple NFL Prediction. The NFL Line was -1 on the Fins and the Fins were dessimated with injuries. It was pretty simple to go against the NFL Spread on that game.

I also chose The University of Washington to beat UCLA and they did. And lastly I also had the Air Force not to cover the 19.5 points and gave UNLV.

So this is how sports betting works. You go up and down, but as long as you have fun, you will always be up.

I am heading to Miami for the holidays, but log on a little later so I can give you some winning picks tonight. This always happens to me in my years a so / so week is always followed up by an awesome week. So click here to ride my success for this week.

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College Football Odds

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College Football Odds

College Football Odds Show Tough Matchup

College Football Odds 300x227 College Football Odds Show Tough Matchup

College Football Odds Speculate More Undefeated Teams losing this weekend

Entering Week 9, most college football odds have at least one of the undefeated college football teams to lose. Boise State needs to watch out for Hawaii. Other tough games this weekend is for college football odds makers is Missouri and Michigan State at least one of them getting upset on the road.

College Football Odds Makers Predict at Least 2 falling

Texas Christian, Auburn, Michigan State, Utah and Boise State remain unbeatened, but will one or two of them fall this weekend like College Football Odds Makers predict.  Log on today and subscribe to to find out what Johnny is predicting this weekend.

Johnny says obviously at least one will fall because TCU who is 9-0 faces Utah who is 8-0 will face each other.