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For over 35 years, Johnny C has been picking winners in the Sports Handicapping industry. He has strived in taking pride to maintain a credible reputation.

His specialty is finding that perfect game, instead of picking multiple games daily. That's why he has maintained a 90% winning percentage. He takes the emotion out of it and lets his experience, logic and insider information for finding that ONE game.

In Mid 1984, Johnny C's reputation grew as one of the biggest sport's handicappers in Florida. He had picked a basketball game that went so lopsided that rumors started to spread that he had fixed the game.

While the rumor spread, Michael Mann the producer of Miami Vice (One of the most popular tv shows in that era) approached Johnny to see if he was interested in creating a show about fixing a basketball game. Michael Mann offered Johnny to be a consultant and to have an acting part in the episode.

In 1985, the episode called "The Fix" aired and Johnny starred alongside NBA Legend, Hall of Famer Bill Russell, NBA All-Star Bernard King and Actor/Comedian Michael Richards who formerly played Kramer on Seinfeld.

With his experience as a professional sport's handicapper and gambler, Johnny was heavily recruited in Vegas to be a sport's gaming consultant, insider, investigator and analysis to 4 major hotels and sportsbooks in Las Vegas. Johnny C helped create spreads in Vegas for the last 20 years.

Now Johnny C's contract has ended and he has created to help the average gambler get the edge on spreads, analysis of games, and take advantage of his inside information from his contacts of 30 plus years which include over 300 game investigators and over 200 game analysis and handicappers across the country. He competes with handicappers like the sports information trading service which specializes in beating out the sportsbooks as Johnny has successfully done year in and year out.

Johnny's main philosophy that made him millions over the years is to POUNCE on that one PERFECT GAME instead of betting 5 different games that day.

Johnny C hates to see the average gambler get scammed and robbed by the so call experts out there for thousands of dollars, there is no such thing as a sure thing.